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  • How much do you currently spend per branded video?
  • How long does it currently take to create one branded video?
  • How many branded videos do you want to create per month?
  • Where you could be
    Turnaround Time Saved

    1,712 hours

    = (2 days - 27 mins) x 36 videos
    Amount Saved


  • How many applications do you receive per year?
  • What is the average salary of your recruiter per year?
  • Where you could be
    Total Time Saved

    2,500 hours

    = (50,000 candidates / 100) x 5 hrs
    FTE Capacity Released


    = 2,500 hrs saved / 2,000 hrs i
    FTE Value


    = 80,000 x 1.25 FTE
  • How many roles (60+ days to hire) do you have per year?
  • What is your average time-to-hire for open roles?
  • Where you could be
    Days saved


    = ( 30 days x 60 roles ) x 18%
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Total Benefits Year 1
Reduce Video Turnaround & Cost $289,800
Improve Candidate Comms Efficiency $200,000
Reduce Time-to-Hire on Open Roles 72 days


Save 5x Amount Spent

Turnaround Videos Days Faster

Avoid Empty Seat Days

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Minimum Cost: $850p/m + $2500/one-time fee

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