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Our video recording features


Build your own library of scripts or use our templates to help you structure your video content.


Easy script reading for quality video content. Master your camera presence with the assistance of our on-screen teleprompter.

Hardware kits

Our lightweight and compact tripod, with built-in LED, helps you with positioning, stability and lighting so your videos look polished and professional every time.

Spirit level

Record screen guides to help you capture perfectly level footage.

Position guide

On-screen silhouettes to help you to position yourself for optimum audio, lighting and framing.

Import video

Want to add some branding and captions to some existing video footage? Easy, just import your video and follow the guided editing process.

Video resolution

Videos are processed at 1080p HD, sharp no matter what screen size you are viewing on.

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"One of the greatest business apps I have ever had the pleasure of using. A real game changer in terms of getting my message out into the marketplace. Keep up the great work VMJ 😊"

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