Manage your team's video production in one place

An enterprise video solution for teams with shared libraries and dashboards for streamlined collaboration.
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Our team features

Brand set-up

Upload your logos, top and tails, set brand colours and fonts for shared templates that keep the entire team on-brand.


Create templates for brands, sub-brands and departments that meet your unique brand guidelines.

Team admin

Invite new team members from desktop or app. Monitor team member activation and video production from one page.


Assign and update permissions for each team member: Creators, Editors and Admins.


Create friendly competition amongst your team with leaderboards designed to encourage engagement.

Team messaging

Share large video files between your team without long download or upload times. Send and receive video for remote editing.


All videos created on the VideoMyJob app are hosted on your company’s connected YouTube channel.

Account admin

Update team member permissions, social integrations and billing information. Regular account activity reporting.


Comprehensive video and written guides to help you get the most out of video.

Tech support

Live chat support in-app and on desktop for any technical issues.

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Our team will support you every step of the way with online training, dedicated customer success managers and tailored training packages to educate and inspire your team to create effective videos.