Authentic video production for higher engagement

VideoMyJob’s mobile app and web dashboard is powerful technology that helps you to communicate effectively and efficiently with candidates, employees and customers, via video.

Built for teams

With VideoMyJob, organizations can enable video production across multiple locations to support collaboration, brand control and easy sharing.


Talent Acquisition. Employer Brand. Recruitment Marketing. Onboarding. HR. Executive Communications.
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Staffing Agency

Recruitment. Business Development. Sales. Candidate Communications. Job Seeker Advice. Reverse Marketing.
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Engage at every stage with a fast, affordable in-house video solution.

A professional and simple solution to create and share employee-generated video. From video job ads and employee stories, to onboarding and induction, to company updates and announcements, it's so easy you’ll want to use VideoMyJob for everything.
the researcher
The Researcher

Do I want to work for you, will there be people like me?

the applicant
The Applicant

Where will I be working and who with?

the candidate
The Candidate

Who's on the interview panel, what happens next?

the new joiner
The New Joiner

Can I learn at my own pace and access training anywhere?

the employee
The Employee

I want to engage and build my internal network.

the leaver
The Leaver

I want to help my replacement to be successful.

We found that by implementing video, it showed the human side. It provided a view into what it's really like to work at Australia Post ... it brought down the time-to-fill from 100 days to somewhere in the 30s!"

Quila Israelson

Employer Branding Manager

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